Less than one year ago the National Trade Facilitation Strategy (NTFS) and Roadmap 2012-2015 was officially presented (1 November 2012). Since then the environment around international business activity has transformed significantly.

A detailed 25-action plan is in force and being implemented covering both pre-customs and customs procedures as well as the legal framework of trade across borders, with main objective of “reducing time and cost of exports, increasing GDP and creating jobs”.

This newsletter, under the Operational Steering Committee (OSC) for the Facilitation of External Trade, will serve not only as a reference point for the monitoring and communication of the progress made in the implementation of the National Strategy but will also be the focal point of all stakeholders such as exporters, traders, suppliers, financial institutions, collective organizations and public-sector structures such as Customs offices, relevant Ministries and export-promotion support agencies and organisations.

In this respect, both the members of the OSC and the Working Groups (WGs) actively participate in the dialogue among companies, organisations and the public administration in order to highlight all proposals made towards a more efficient implementation of the NTFS as well as to record the impact of the reforms in economy.

Let’s communicate.

The Operational Steering Committee

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