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After a long presence and experience in business, we united our experiences and created the company “Anemos” in Chios. We grew up with the gift of God called mastic. We are witnesses of the hard work and expertise required for the production of mastic as we deal with the mastic cultivation. We did experimented endless hours on the integration of mastic and the use of mastic in various recipes, but we became aware of  mastic’s real secrets, and its incredible properties.
We apply  proven recipes and old traditional production methods to our confectionery, but we implement new applications and with great care, always with genuine mastic in combination with the finest materials.
At our mastic-soaps we use only organic materials and mastic oil. Testimonials of satisfied customers experiencing allergies and other skin problems give us courage to continue the effort we make to continually produce new, innovative and authentic products. At the series of cosmetic products (toothpaste, hand cream, body lotion) for the implementation of our secret recipes, we combine harmoniously with modern production methods, better materials (regardless of cost) with the beneficial properties of mastic oil and purity of organic herbs.
We like to differ and to create new innovative products.
In 2001 we were the first in the world that we made soap with mastic.
In 2003 we created the mastic sweet.
In 2006 we introduced our first drink in the world with mastic.
In 2008 we introduced a complete line of hair care with mastic and herbs.
Seven different shampoos, two hair masks, creams and bath foams. We create, the others copy!