Address: 18 ARKADIAS STR., PERISTERI – ATHENS. P.C. 121 32

Telephone: +30 210 5751896-8, +30 210 5711721

Email: info@attiki-pittas.gr

Website: www.attiki-pittas.gr

Since its establishment, ATTIKI, by means of various pioneering initiatives over the years, has promoted Greek honey internationally and made it available to the public at large, bringing pure and natural honey into the homes of Greeks and foreigners alike. Its impressive evolvement in its many years of existence on the market is due to the excellent quality of its products, namely:

  • Attiki Honey, from a select variety of Greek thyme, wild flowers and herbs
  • Fino Honey, forest honey
  • Attiki Honey from Greek island’s thyme
  • Attiki Fir Honey
  • Nectar Conifer & Flower Honey, Nectar Pine Tree Honey and Nectar Flower Honey
  • To Meli mas (our Honey), from conifer, flower and thyme
  • Attiki Fresh Royal Jelly and Attiki Fresh Bee Pollen, invaluable bee products
  • Attiki Halva with Honey, a traditional recipe without sugar or glucose, available in three different flavors: vanilla, vanilla with cocoa and vanilla with almonds
  • Attiki Halva (with sugar and glucose), available in four different flavors: vanilla, vanilla with cocoa, vanilla with almonds and vanilla with pistachios
  • Attiki Vanilla and Mastic Traditional Sweets
  • Attiki Classic Tahini
  • Attiki Tahini with Honey, a classic and natural product prepared with ground sesame seeds, no preservatives or sugar, and available in three delicious flavours: Tahini with Honey, Tahini with Honey and Hazelnut Paste, and Tahini with Honey and Cocoa
  • Attiki Loukoumi (traditional sweets), available in two delicious varieties (a) Loukoumi with honey and almonds and Loukoumi with honey and walnuts and (b) classic Loukoumi in different flavors (ouzo, rose, mastic). There is also “Akanes”, a similar specialty produced in Serres (Northern Greece).