” Axion Esti ” – DIMAKOPOULOS A.A.

” Axion Esti ” – DIMAKOPOULOS A.A.

Address: PANORAMA ARGOLIDAS, P.C. 21 200

Telephone: 27510 91577

Email:     info@axion-esti.gr

Website: www.axion-esti.gr

The tradition of A.A. Dimakopoulos family in the field of apiculture begins around 1957, at Stemnitsa of Arcadia, hometown of the family and the starting point of their apiculture activity, as it is an area with rich honey bee pasture lands. It all began out of curiosity for the wonderful world of bees, and then it became a vocation. Dedication and devotion has passed from father to sons, starting at a young age. As a result, experience has become love and passion, and has progressed to labour that may be hard, but gives high quality results. Nowadays, the bee masters of the family use natural-organic methods to produce honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, and all natural and essential products given by the honey bee to man.
Moving the honey bees to various regions of Greece, gives them the opportunity to collect honey from various flowers and honeydews, thus creating authentic flavours as well as a natural pharmacy that protects the human organism. The honey bee products promote health and beauty since their therapeutic qualities are exceptionally important and contribute to a long and healthy life.