Terra Fyllida | Premium Mushroom Products

Terra Fyllida | Premium Mushroom Products

TERRA FYLLIDA | Premium Mushroom Products

Processing & Standardization of Agricultural Products

26th km. N.R. of Serres-Drama

P.O. 62042, Nea Zichni, Serres

T: +30 2321 234 254

M: +30 6940 520 045

E: sales@terrafyllida.gr

W: www.terrafyllida.gr

We present you the new, innovative products of Terra Fyllida from pleurotus mushrooms with gourmet characteristics and special flavors, accessible to anyone who wants to experience something new, different and exquiWebsite, out of the ordinary!

In Terra Fyllida, starting a culinary trip to the Mediterranean diet and as a mushroom enthusiast, we created a series of premium products from pleurotus mushrooms, innovative and unique, with pure fresh ingredients and always good quality, decorating every Greek table and not only that, with tasty and different choices, while highlighting the high nutritional value of mushrooms and healthy diet.

Terra Fyllida’s innovative products are produced exclusively by hand (not in bulk), without preservatives, without additives, without chemicals or dyes, without flavor enhancers, and can accompany tasty choices, salty or sweet, on everyday or evening tables, satisfying each taste, from the simplest to the most sophisticated!