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Email: e@velouitinos.gr

Website: www.velouitinos.gr

Small business which deals mainly with olives and,  less, with olive oil.  We purchase exclusively Thassos olives, either from our own properties or from other producers, exclusively cultivated by the methods of organic practices and certified by the Institute of Biological Control Products SA «BioHellas». The unit also is certified for Qualified Designation of Origin product  for the olive and Certified Geographical Indication for olive oil.
Speaking of the processing, the olives are made following the traditional treatment, using coarse salt, making sure to absorb as little salt as possible. This gives the code “Velouitinos Green Package” that consists of ripe olives of Thassos with 1.8% salt, packed in vacuum. The orange packaging is a mature olive and from 4% to 8.6% salt containing. The green package (Elitsa) is packaged in a bucket filling with liquid (salt, lemon, fennel).
The olive is maintained in a cool, dark place and needs to be kept in refrigerator after opening.The oil is of superior quality and packed in Bag-in-box, a package that ensures the product in order to avoid contact with oxygen and light (factors of deterioration of the oil) from the packing date and until the expiration date .