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Our winery, « Special Afianes Wines », has been established in 1997 in Raches, Ikaria. We started this project with love and desire to put the wine of Ikaria at the place it deserves in the wine map of Greece. Wine with history, the wine of Ikaria « Pramnios », as referred in the Iliad and other texts. The excellent taste, texture and strength of this wine, which lasted until today, gives the wine the severity of physiognomy and its uniqueness. Features that you will recognize in our wines.
In September 2007, our modern winery has been established in Prophet Ilias, Raches. It is built in a vineyard at an altitude of 650m. In the cave site of the winery, there is the system of winemaking and bottling, aging  and storage facilities. Upstairs, there are our offices, the auditorium presentations and our showroom. An archaic little theater and a traditional building turned into wine shop is the special part of the whole picture of our winery. In all of our rooms, our guests have the opportunity to taste our wines and the happiness to enjoy them overlooking the Aegean Sea.