Les organismes

Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE)https://www.sete.gr
Association of Thessalian Enterprises and Industrieshttps://www.sthev.gr
Athens Association of Commercial Agents & Brokershttps://www.aaca.gr/index.htm
Central Cooperative Union of Figs & Nuts L.L.C.- P.O. (SYKIKI)https://www.sykiki.gr
Central Cooperative Union of Olive Oil Products in Greecehttps://www.pca.com.gr/elea
ELSEVIE: Hellenic Association of Footwear Manufactures and Exportershttps://www.elsevie.gr/ElsevieHomeGR
ESVEP - Greek Association of Branded Product Manufacturershttps://www.sev.org.gr/online/index.aspx
ESVEP - Greek Association of Branded Products Manufacturershttps://www.esvep.gr
Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT)https://www.sevt.gr
Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterpriseshttps://www.sepe.gr
Federation of Industries of Nothern Greece (FING)https://www.sbbe.gr
Franchise Association of Greecehttps://www.franchising.gr
General Confederation of Greek Agrarian Associations - GESASEhttps://www.gesase.gr
Greek Association of Industries and Processors of Olive Oil - SEVITELhttps://www.oliveoil.gr
Greek International Business Associationhttps://www.seve.gr
Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Firms (SESMA)https://www.sesma.gr/index.html
Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibilityhttps://www.csrhellas.gr/
INCOFRUIT HELLAS - Association of Greek Export and Consignment Enterprises for Fruit, Vegetables & Juiceshttps://www.incofruit.gr
National Interprofessional Organization of Vine and Wine (EDOAO)https://www.edoao.gr
Panhellenic Association of Table Olives Processors, Packers and Exporters - PEMETEhttps://www.elia-info.gr/en/nea.htm
Panhellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives - PASEGEShttps://neapaseges.gr/