Workshop Address: SAPAKAS, LEMMNOS

Address of the Factory:1 PSAROF, MYRINA, LEMNOS, P.C. 81 400

Athens Branch Address – “Bonum Terrae”: 106 SYGGROU AV., ATHENS, GREECE

Thessaloniki Store Address – “Oil Cattesen”: 4 VICTOR HUGO, ANO LADADIKA, THESSALONIKI, P.C.  54 625

Telephone: 22540 61059 (Factory), 210 9227752 (Bonum Terrae), 231 3030286 (Oil Cattesen)

Email: mirsini@limnos-lixoudies.gr, info@olicatessen.gr

Website: www.limnos-lixoudies.gr

Myrsini Chrysokefalou-Horou’s traditional pasta and cookies workshop was created out of her love for traditional dishes. The traditional recipes of Lemnos were the reason for its creation, that’s why it was named after the traditional language of Lemnos. Traditional sweets, pasta, cookies, pies, pies, cheese pies without preservatives, made from pure ingredients, such as durum wheat flour, sheep’s milk and fresh eggs from the cottages of Lemnos.