Address Store: 4 VENIZELOU ST. N. CHIOS, P.C. 82 100
Address Industry: COUNTRY ROAD CHIOS – CHALKIOS, CHIOS, P.C. 82 100

Telephone: 2271078577, 2271023518


Website: www.korakis-marinos.gr

The company “Korakis” was founded by Panagiotis Korakis, who was from Chios importer and trader of sugar and zyme products. In 1935 he decides to expand the business to the sweets’ field. There was plenty of material, the citrus trees of Chios, and the products which he used to trade.
The first workshop was created near the Vounaki square. At the beginning, the traditional candies were made in the workshop. During the second World War, the company continued operating and after the war it moved to Venizelou st. from where started the systematic production of the sweets, that became known not only in the local market, but also in whole Greece.