Retail Store Address:  40 EL. VENIZELOS , P.C. 123 51, AGIA VARVARA

Wholesale Store Address: 4 PSILORITI , P.C. 123 51, AGIAS VARVARA

Telephone: 210 5444722, 210 5615105

Email: info@halvadopoiia.gr

Website: www.halvadopoiia.gr

We started working when we were children next to our uncle Evmorfios Kosmidis, who had a workshop of halva since 1924.
Next to him, we learned all secrets of makin halva. He was a teacher for us. He helped us to love this job and to learn this rare craft today.
After the retirement of our uncle, Evmorfios Kosmidis, in 2002 we left the company due to emotional reasons and the company was taken over by the former partner, with our uncle’ s wife Hariklia Kosmidis keeping the name “Kosmidis” which is ​​famous in whole Greece.
At the same year our uncle helped us to create a new workshop following all the modern medical rules and with specialized personnel, keeping the traditional art, quality and passion of so many years.
Today people honor us with their confidence and their preference for quality and respect, that we show for the name and the art that we inherited.