Charakopoulos: Aid for animal feed and to turkey producers

Charakopoulos: Aid for animal feed and to turkey producers

“The energy crisis has brought difficulties in primary production that no one expected. Given that the effort to relieve producers has taken shape through various measures, including the aid to farmers for the purchase of animal feed, I am returning, following the question I tabled through parliamentary scrutiny, to the request of turkey producers to be included in this aid. I believe that their request is reasonable and should be given due consideration. The above was stressed by the Member of Parliament for Larissa of the New Democracy, Mr. Maximos Charakopoulos, following the submission of a petition to the Parliament, in which he advocates the request of the Pan-Thesalian Association of Turkey Breeders of Free Grazing Turkey.

The Thessalian politician, in his petition to the Minister of Rural Development Mr. George Georgantas, attached a letter from turkey producers asking to be supported with measure 22 for animal feed, due to the peculiarities of this productive activity – the absence of subsidies or aid and a limited period of sale of the birds. It is recalled that on the same issue Maximos Charakopoulos had exercised parliamentary control in the first year by tabling a question, which has not yet been answered.

High cost low demand

In their letter the turkey producers state that ‘we are active in poultry farming and raise turkeys for consumption. Our industry has certain specific characteristics which should be taken into account as they justify the need for the aid for animal feed.

1. Most of the feed for the birds comes from feed which we, like other poultry and livestock farmers, buy. Consequently, the large increases in their prices have affected us and have sharply increased our production costs.

2. We sell our production once a year – before Christmas – and are therefore unable to adapt to market fluctuations and to the increase in costs caused by crises such as Covid and the energy crisis. Consequently, in recent years we have faced increased production costs and at the same time low demand for our production.

3. We are an industry that does not receive any aid like other fellow livestock and poultry farmers. We do not hold any rights to single payment or compensatory aid and therefore we struggle to survive with only the value of our production as our only income.

During the period of applications for animal feed aid, our applications were not accepted because there was no cross-checking with the Artemis system.

We did not know anything about this but we have started contacts with the relevant local veterinary authorities to solve our problems.