Online sales of wineries increased during the lockdown

Online sales of wineries increased during the lockdown

It is estimated that the wineries of Northern Greece lost 20% of their turnover, on average, during the pandemic 2020, with small wineries and businesses targeting tourist areas being the most affected.

While wine may have entered Greeks’ homes with greater frequency (and in some cases with more expensive labels) amidst the successive lockdowns, the downturn in the HORECA market (hotels, restaurants, catering) has put a knife in the revenues of wineries, resulting in the past fiscal year closing with significant losses. “-20% is an average for businesses in Northern Greece, but there are many wineries, especially small ones, with a turnover of less than 1,000,000 euros, which recorded losses of at least 40%. Also, the average fall in turnover across Greece is higher, around -25%. This is due to the fact that the effects of the pandemic affected more the tourist areas, where we had reductions of up to -80%, “points out, the director of the association “Winemakers of Northern Greece”, Yannis Albanis.

Reduction in exports

Overall in Greece, according to data from the Hellenic Wine Association (SEO), there was a 40% drop in wine sales at HORECA last year, which in tourist areas reached up to 80%. In the retail trade and mainly in supermarkets, according to the SEO data, there was an increase of 15%, but the majority of small wineries and a large number of labels are not on their shelves. In the case of online wine sales (either through corporate e-shops or through platforms/marketplaces), the increase is estimated at an impressive 80%, but this is not a representative figure, as it is based on a small reference base.

A decrease of 15% is estimated to have occurred in Greek wine exports, based on the SEO data. This is because Greek wine does not have a strongly established position in foreign distribution networks and therefore in the retail market, so it is mainly based on the catering sector.