High value-added digital rural services

High value-added digital rural services

The increased orientation of the economy towards the primary sector and manufacturing, including food, is bringing digital services to the fore.Every business and every farmer must adapt to the new era of digital technology and services.

For this reason, the iris.gov portal has been developed. gr, which houses all agricultural services in a unified way, such as the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings (RAFA) and the Register of Agricultural Traders (ARM), the personalized services for making decisions to undertake business activities (agricultural, livestock farming, processing, Renewable Energy Sources, Agrotourism), the National Food Traceability System (FTS) for Safety and Quality Assurance in the agricultural food sector.

Also on the menu are the geo-information soil data and agricultural zoning system for the restructuring of crops and the demarcation of the country’s agricultural zones through digital soil maps and the Rural Land Management Plan, the information system for the use of modern development tools of remote sensing/photo-interpretation and its application for the recording, reporting, assessment and analysis of natural disasters, for the use of good practices in precision agriculture, for the development of special zoning tools, for the development of mapping tools and for agri-tourism.

The benefits

The benefits of agricultural digital services consist of direct online information and service, through the single portal, for both citizens/ farmers and businesses.The productive actors of the agricultural sector are facilitated in the processing of their administrative affairs and transactions (onestopshop) with the Public Administration and are informed about the transition of the agricultural sector from conventional to digital transactions, with the use of Information and Communication Technologies. In addition, they gain online management of ELGA insurance and compensation, with automated processing and electronic services to the insured and the productive and business actors-insured of ELGA, while reducing the time of compensation and increasing transparency in the process of recording and payment. The total budget of the project amounts to EUR 12.676.000.

The digital agricultural services are now a multi-tool for farmers and food and drink businesses, as there is an overall picture of the primary sector in terms of vital information which can be used at many levels to enhance the dynamics of the economy.