The first agreement on sheep and goat milk

The first agreement on sheep and goat milk

The first agreement for the absorption of sheep and goat milk by a large dairy company has been “locked”, with the producer price reaching 1.60 euro/kilo for sheep milk. At the same time, negotiations are continuing for contract closures, which are coming in the next period in other regions of the country for the new season.

Specifically, the first agreement for sheep and goat milk concerns the farmers members of the producer group of the Ioannina Cooperative “Union of Farmers”, with the price being 1.60 euros per kilo for sheep’s milk and 1 euro per kilo for goat milk.

Negotiations are ongoing between farmers and cheese makers on the price of sheep and goat milk.

In particular, as noted in a statement, the General Agricultural Cooperative of Ioannina “Union of farmers”, in view of the new dairy season, after negotiating for the disposal of both conventional and organic goat and sheep milk of the Producers Group of the Cooperative, chose to cooperate for the dairy season 2022 -2023 with the dairy industry HPEIROS SA.

The agreed prices are 1.60 euro per kilo for conventional sheep’s milk and 1.00 euro per kilo for conventional goat’s milk.

The above prices are increased by 0,02 cents respectively for organic milk.

“The General Agricultural Cooperative of Ioannina will continue to support its members by supplying them with feed of excellent quality and by providing scientific support both for the nutrition and hygiene of livestock”, stressed in a relevant statement, noting that “our common belief is the strengthening of the group of sheep and goat farmers of the Cooperative with the entry of new producers in order to increase the quantity of milk imports, which will increase our negotiating ability always to the benefit of our members.