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MOBILE TEL.:     6944 206400
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The winery of 300,000 liters of wine production is located near Kalamata, capital of prefecture Messinia, opposite its civil airport. It is built in an extent of 7.500 m2 with easy access to those who wish to visit it.
In our winery, there are stainless fermentation and storage tanks with double cooling jackets, vinificators and cryoexctraction tanks.
The delivery of grape to the winery takes place only in frames and only after the appropriateness of the product has been previously checked in the vineyard.
Moreover, there is a conveyor belt followed by an elevator belt that leads the grapes to the destemmer/crusher, where the berries are separated from their stem. The must that comes out, is led via an appropriate pump to the press or to the vinificators or even to the cryoextraction tanks. The desirable temperatures are regulated through electronic thermometers and electrovalves. Also, the press is monitored through a computer in order to apply the suitable program of pressure. In the winery there is also a cooling unit for the control of fermentations, but also for the stabilisation of wine.
Thus, the process of fermentation and exctraction is accomplished in the best way since we possess the most modern equipment, as well as the know-how and thirty years experience in the area of wine making.
Afterwards, the product is either disposed for direct consumption, or stored in the underground cellar of our winery, where it is being aged in oak barrels and bottles.
The products are sold in the market, apart from the classic bottle of 0.75 liters, in various packaging depending on the wish of our customers.
The winery Tsavolakis Ioannis and CO claims today its own share in the market of quality wine that is continuously extending.