Rizopoulos Bros

Rizopoulos Bros

Address: AMIDOROS 21, PERISTERI, P.C. 121 35

Telephone: 2105787461

Email: info@rizopouloscoffee.com

Website: www.rizopouloscoffee.com

Rizopoulos coffee is the first and older coffee of Athens.
Since the time of the manual mill, when we were cutting the coffee on the streets or at the traditional coffeeshops of “old” Athens, til today, using the most modern equipment of european standards, we search and work on the best quality of coffee – specialties – from all around the world.
The know-how and the secrets of the best coffee of Athens, that passed from generation to generation inside Rizopoulos family for more than a century, are the reasons that justify our first place at the choices of the Greeks who love the Greek coffee. We want to transfer our product to every place in the world, where there are Greeks.
We want everyone to enjoy the pleasant flavour of the original greek coffee. We like insisting on the quality and the tradition.