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Website: www.bio-olives-athina.gr

We are a family business founded in March 2007 by Olga and Nick Tsariktsopoulos, dealing with the production of organic olive oil and olives since 1997. The idea for the creation came from the love of people for their land. That’s why, the production center could not be created anywhere else except for Kallirachi, the beautiful village of Thassos, the birthplace and residence of the Tsariktsopoulos family. Our wealth lies in our rich heritage and experience and in the passion to produce high quality olives and olive oil. Our goal is to create products with identity, presenting the value of Thassos diet.
Our love for olives and olive oil, and our commitment to follow the strictest quality, health and safety standards, set the highest demands on both ourselves and our staff. As a result of these, we made an investment in buildings and machinery but also in management systems in order to respond successfully to the most demanding markets, offering high quality products and services. The packaging of our products is always taking place maintaining a strict standard of authenticity and naturalness, but also with respect to modern health and safety requirements.