Factory address: MESONISI, FLORINA, P.C. 53 100

Store address: 17 MODI, FLORINA, P.C. 53 100

Telephone: 2385036262 (Factory), 2385026353 (Shop)



Florina is a small town at the edge of Greece and is very known for the traditional sweets that Lazaros Veikos creates.
In 1933 Lazaros Veikos made the first traditional sweets workshop. With plenty of patience and love for the same job, his grandson, who has the same name, has created his own new recipes based on the old ones and made the traditional sweet making a professional activity.
It has been a long time since then and the business of L. Veikos has been passed to the next generations. Now, we are at the third generation, which has not stopped using the same traditional recipes having the same love as the founder. This is the only thing that has remained the same.
The facilities, the machinery and the equipment are totally modern and guarantee the quality and the hygiene of every product.
Our sweets are spread in every city and town of Greece. The products become even more known and the customers express daily their love for our traditional products that are produced in modern ways.