Address: PASSAVAS, 23 200 GYTHIO

Telephone: 27330 22381



Near Gythio, in Passava, you can find VIOagroktima KARAMPAMPAS. We have always respected the environment and loved the traditional way of farming, working on the land and trees without using chemicals and any types of poisons. So, we decided in 1995 to enter the organic program under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, DIO organisation and BIO Hellas organisation.
Here, in our estate, we produce olive oil, oregano, and other aromatic herbs. Except for the organic products, we have the ability to provide you with natural products of capers. Every single one of these is packaged in elegant packages, made with sea salt, according to traditional recipes.
We also have vinegar with aromatic herbs, balsam, olive paste, homemade jams without preservatives, made of  seasonal fruit, etc. All of our products are natural and we collect them ourselves.